Our Testimonials

  • I am a student of SSMU. The professors and lecturers are outstanding. They teach us in English only. The university have highly maintained equipment to teach for the students, and here we get opportunity to learn IT based medical science in Samara State Medical University, the only university in Russia known for its high standard of education.

    Kaushik Katariya
    Kaushik Katariya Student
  • Being a girl, my parents were not ready to send me overseas for my MBBS study. However, when they heard about SSMU, finally they said YES; and guess what! Now I am already studying in Samara State Medical University. I have made international friends here in the classroom to know more about their culture.

    Krishna Desai
    Krishna Desai Student
  • I had a dream to become doctor since I was in 10th class, so I took B group in my 12th. Due to my family financial condition, I could not afford to study MBBS in India; so I choose to study from overseas. I got to know about Samara University and decided to take admission in this university. I feel that I have taken right decision by taking admission in SSMU.

    Sanika Salunkhe
    Sanika Salunkhe Student
  • The university has very good infrastructure. They have huge campus and subject wise department buildings for the students with separate gym for boys and girls. Here, our classes is in English language. There are only 20 students in each class so we get proper education from the professor.

    Meet Ramani
    Meet Ramani Student
  • I was so confused about university selection between Russia and Ukraine universities. When I heard about Samara State Medical University, I felt that this university is has so many things that I may not get in other universities; so, I took admission in SSMU and know I realise that I made right decision for my career building.

    Vaibhav Trivedi
    Vaibhav Trivedi Student
  • Samara University has MMBS course in English. I am currently studying in sem 2 and so far my experience is good with the professors. They are highly experienced in their field, they speak good English. Dormitory is around 10 to 15 mins walking from the university.

    Tithi Vaishnav
    Tithi Vaishnav Student
  • If you want to study medical science with technology then it’s only and only Samara State Medical University in Russia. They are the founder of more than 750 medical equipment which are being used Worldwide to teach medical science. Here, at the university, we have access to these equipment which will help us when we practice as a Doctor.

    Sanket Vaghasiya
    Sanket Vaghasiya Student
  • I would gladly recommend Samara State Medical University, Russia's top medical university with affordable fees and top quality of medical education in 100% English medium.

    Rishitha Rowthu
    Rishitha Rowthu Student
  • I was confused between Russia, Ukraine and Philippines for my MBBS, as majority of MBBS students from my states prefers Philippines over Russia or Ukraine. After comparing universities, I finally took admission in Samara University. I do not regret by taking this decision and, I will certainly recommend this university to my friends.

    Aanchal Nathawat
    Aanchal Nathawat Student
  • Samara University is the best university for MBBS in Russia. Dormitory in the university is neat and clean and very safe for all the students who lives in there. They have 24/7 security at the entrance. We get proper vegetarian meals and also there is a kitchen available for students who wish to cook themselves.

    Badar Faisal
    Badar Faisal Student
  • I always wanted to study in abroad but I never thought that I will study MBBS in Russia. Samara University is one of the best university in Russia. The MD degree that I will earn from this university is recognised worldwide so it will help me to pursue my PG from anywhere in the world.

    Dhruv Kapadiya
    Dhruv Kapadiya Student
  • One of the best Medical University in Russian Region is Samara State Medical University. It has well developed infrastructure, highly experience faculties who has good command on English to teach international students. I have been studying in Sem 2 at SSMU. The dormitory has full security and it’s very safe for all international students.

    Dipika Meena
    Dipika Meena Student
  • I have taken right decision to study MBBS in Samara University in Russia. They provide best education as per NMC guidelines, and help students to prepare for NEXT exam. The dormitory has 2 & 3 bedded rooms with all facilities along with Indian vegetarian food. I would like to recommend this university to those who want to study MBBS in Russia.

    Naman Mane
    Naman Mane Student
  • First time I heard about Samara State Medical University through social media so I wanted to explore more about this university. I went to an authorised hiring partner in India and got more details about this university. The university has best education system with developed infrastructure.

    Kenil Kakadiya
    Kenil Kakadiya Student
  • Samara is a beautiful city to live in Russia. I am currently 2nd Sem student in SSMU. The university level in Euro Chamber is very good and it ranks A+. Here we get access to the system for NEXT, USMLE, and PLAB exam preparation from the university.

    Jalpa Parmar
    Jalpa Parmar Student
  • I was planning to study MBBS from Ukraine but last moment I heard about Samara University. When I compared Samara University with other universities that I had shortlisted, Samara was far better in terms of education, overall fees and most important clinical practice.

    Nensy Sutariya
    Nensy Sutariya Student
  • I am a student at SamSMU, a university that has attained its peak and will never vanish. This university is outstanding in both academics and co-curricular activities. If you are sincerely dedicated to become a doctor, I strongly recommend you to join SamSMU.

    Sumit Gupta
    Sumit Gupta Student
  • Samara State Medical University is one of the best medical university to study MBBS in Russia. They run curriculum in English language. The professors are having good command on the language so that help us to understand in the class. I have made friends from around the globe who are currently studying at SSMU.

    Manish Soni
    Manish Soni Student
  • I am currently a student at SSMU, over here professors are really helpful and prepared to answer any concerns I may have. Taking admission over here was not a bad idea for my future. Thanks for the support given by my parents and family member.

    Aazam Shaikh
    Aazam Shaikh Student
  • The rules and regulations at Samara State Medical University are quite strict and well-defined. Interaction between seniors and juniors is also beneficial. Professors are quite humble, and their instruction is excellent. They are fluent in English.

    Devyani Pandya
    Devyani Pandya Student
  • I took the admission at Samara State Medical University in 2021. When I reached over here, the infrastructure was really excellent and provides both practical and theoretical knowledge to the students in English medium.

    Jahnvi Jajeja
    Jahnvi Jajeja Student
  • I am a medical student at the Samara State Medical University. It is in my opinion, the best and most secure environment to study. The university is excellent, with no ragging. The facilities provided by the hostels are excellent. I am grateful for the opportunity to be the student of this university.

    MD Niyamath
    MD Niyamath Student
  • My parents deserve a lot of credit for helping me in the appropriate route for my admission to Samara State Medical University. Samara is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful city that offers a unique environment that is ideal for international students.

    Samiksh Shivhare
    Samiksh Shivhare Student
  • I'm a student of Samara University, and I've found everything that a university should offer, such as a conducive learning environment, supportive professors, and comfortable dormitories. Being a girl, it is a concern of safety to my parents. I have no hesitation to say that Samara is very safe city for girls.

    Shruti Jain
    Shruti Jain Student
  • I took the best decision of my life to take admission in Samara University, the best IT based Medical Science university in Russia. Coming from foodie state Gujarat, we want to have proper vegetarian food along with the best education. Here in dormitories, we get proper pure vegetarian food so I don’t miss my home too much.

    Vyomdev Sinh
    Vyomdev Sinh Student
  • When I first arrived in Samara, Russia, I fell in love with the country, and I continue to fall in love with this university. So far, the days of medical school in Samara, Russia have been the happiest of my life. I personally recommend this university of medical studies to my friends and family members.

    Nikhil Raju
    Nikhil Raju Student
  • My friend recommended me to explore Samara University for my MBBS. I thank him from bottom of my heart that he recommended me this university. I am current a student of SSMU pursuing my MBBS. I would highly recommend Samara in my known circle.

    Rajvi Thakar
    Rajvi Thakar Student
  • I am a first year student of Samara State Medical University in Russia. When I landed here in Samara, I was welcomed with typical Indian tradition; which I felt like a home away from home to me. I highly recommend SSMU to medical aspirant students who wish to pursue their MBBS in overseas then SSMU in Samara, Russia is the best university.

    Jayesh Makwana
    Jayesh Makwana Student
  • The admission process in SSMU is very simple, and the benefits that it provides to the students of medicine are excellent. The professors are well trained to teach thoroughly 6 years in English. I am confident that you will benefit from the best educational system available.

    Yashwardhan Singh
    Yashwardhan Singh Student
  • I did my studies in local board so initially it was challenging but here I have made friends from various countries studying in my class, which helps me to improve my English and study well. We also get a class to learn Russian language which will help during clinical practice to deal with local Russian patients who does not speak Russian.

    Arun Dangodra
    Arun Dangodra Student