Department of International Cooperation and Education

The Department of International Cooperation and Education of the Samara State Medical University takes part in international accreditation of educational programs, conferences, educational exhibitions, in competitions for research grants from various international organizations, in international ratings, and also organizes and supervises the educational process for foreign students in the main and additional educational programs.

Andrey Dmitrievich

Head of Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor


443099, Samara, st. Chapaevskaya, 89, room. 107

Thanks to the process of globalization, evidence-based medicine has become the property of the whole world. The free, intensive exchange of scientific knowledge, experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, the organization of health services made it possible to improve the quality of life in each individual country. International cooperation in the field of medicine is not only joint research, the introduction of new developments, the exchange of scientific and practical experience, but also the joint training of medical specialists.

Our partners

Together with international partner universities, the University implements educational programs within the framework of traditional education, e-learning and research projects. The partners of the university are the leading medical universities of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Peru, Bulgaria, France, Germany. Joint research projects are underway.

2015 – The International Biotechnology Laboratory for the cultivation of heart valves was established. Partner: Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

2017 — International research and production laboratory for the study of additive technologies in medicine. Partners: Jean Monnet University and Saint-Etienne University Hospital.

Collaboration with the Plant Biotechnology Laboratories of the University of Tours: joint research, publications, educational programs, internships, exchange of students and teachers. Partner: the University of Tours (France).

Teaching foreign students

Education of foreign students is supervised by the department of international relations of the Samara State Medical University. The Faculty of Education for Foreign Students was established in 1992. Over the years of work, the methodological support of the educational process has been improved with the specifics of teaching at the faculty, methodological manuals for foreign students were published, teachers underwent internships at the country’s leading universities specializing in working with foreigners.

Every year, applicants from the countries of the former CIS, the Middle East, India, Morocco, Cameroon, Thailand, China, Ecuador, Colombia, Egypt, Tunisia and other countries enter the university.

Specializations and Tuition Fees

The cost of an educational service when teaching foreign citizens in educational programs of higher education in the 2021/2022 academic year:

  • Medical business – 195,000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Medical business (in English) – $ 4,000 (per academic year);
  • Dentistry – 220,000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Pediatrics – 184,000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Pharmacy – 168,000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Medical and preventive work – 144,000 rubles (per academic year);
  • Clinical psychology – 124,400 rubles (per academic year);
  • Public health care – 65,300 rubles part-time (per academic year);
  • Nursing – 65,000 rubles part-time (per academic year).

Benefits of studying at Samara State Medical University

  • Classes with students are conducted by the most qualified teachers of the university from among professors and associate professors (doctors and candidates of sciences).
  • The opportunity to take part in scientific research together with scientists, being engaged in student scientific circles of departments. Here students master the skills of experimental and clinical research, participate in scientific conferences organized by the scientific society of our university.
  • Upon graduation, students are given the opportunity to undergo postgraduate training in clinical residency and advanced training courses for doctors.
  • There is access to work in three scientific libraries of the city, work in the online library of Samara State Medical University.
  • Opportunity to go in for sports: the university has sections of swimming, aerobics, football, table tennis, bodybuilding, athletics and weightlifting.
  • International students have access to medical services.

Organization of the educational process

The main emphasis in the organization of the educational process is on individual work with each student. The most experienced teachers in the departments with a long teaching experience are currently involved in teaching foreign citizens. To adapt in a new country and study the Russian language, cultural features, traditions, and way of life, work is being done to socialize students.

Each foreign group of students has a teacher-curator who helps the children in solving social, everyday and other problems. An important place in the activities of the administration is occupied by educational work – here a special place is given to the participation of students in the work of student self-government bodies. Foreign students take an active part in intra-university and inter-university sports competitions, they have their own football team. The development of creative potential among foreign students is a priority direction of educational work, the creative asset is a regular participant in student springs, festivals, national evenings and holidays.

Students are trained in departments located in modern educational buildings, in their own Clinics and on the basis of 30 large medical organizations in Samara and the Samara region. One of the important factors for the good preparation of graduates is the close relationship of the university with practical healthcare. The entire learning process takes place in equipped classrooms for practical exercises. Classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with all necessary equipment, such as interactive whiteboards, screens, projectors, computers. There are also classes with equipment for practicing practical skills, which allows students to gain not only theoretical knowledge, but also real experience. The course of anatomy and pathology is conducted on a modern simulator “Pirogov’s Table”. This interactive anatomical table is a proprietary development of the Samara State Medical University, it presents realisticLife-size 3D models of male and female bodies with anatomically correct shape and correct syntopy of 3D organs . All content is available in  3 languages: Russian, English, Latin. The use of simulation training increases the interest of students, makes the process of studying anatomy more effective than the traditional way.


Today, the university has a large, modern and developed infrastructure. Samara State Medical University has 4 student hostels. For foreign students, a hostel is allocated at Kievskaya, 12. There is a developed transport hub in the area of ​​​​the hostel, which allows students to easily get to the right places. The procedure for settling in hostels is regulated by the “Regulations on the student hostel of the Samara State Medical University”.

In total, more than 2.5 thousand students live in all dormitories of Samara State Medical University. The residential block of a student dormitory, as a rule, includes 2-4 living rooms, recreation (corridor), bathroom (toilet, washroom and (or) bathroom). By the decision of the Samara State Medical University, a number of student dormitories are united into a campus. In each student dormitory, in accordance with building codes and regulations, rooms for self-study, relaxation rooms, psychological relief, leisure, Internet rooms , children’s rooms, gyms, sanatoriums , isolation rooms, premises for consumer services and public catering ( dining room, buffet with utility rooms, showers, washrooms, laundry, ironing rooms , etc. ).

Premises for sanitary purposes are allocated and equipped in accordance with the sanitary rules for the device, equipment and maintenance of the student hostel.

The hostel lives a rich cultural life! Students from different countries actively participate in the organized cultural events, which are held with great interest.

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