Samara City Lifestyle

Leningradskaya Street

Leningradskaya Street a tourist alley in the historic center of Samara with a length of 1.7 km. One of its parts between Galaktionovskaya and Kuybysheva streets is pedestrian. Here you can find mansions of the 19th-20th centuries, shops, boutiques, hotels, etc.


Stalin’s bunker

Stalin’s bunker is a unique building of the Great Patriotic War. The reserve headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief was located in Samara. The underground shelter was built in case Stalin decided to leave Moscow at a critical moment. The shelter is considered the most reliable of all those declassified, its depth is 37 m and equipped with an individual ventilation and electricity supply system.

Glory Monument (1971)

This majestic monument is dedicated to the workers of the Kuybyshev aviation industry, who made a huge contribution to the victory of the USSR in the Second World War. It is a 13-meter figure of a worker standing on a 40-meter pedestal facing the Volga. The worker is holding a stylized aircraft in his raised arms. Sometimes this monument is mistaken for a monument to Yuri Gagarin. Slavy Square.


Kuibysheva Square

This is a huge square in Samara. Some say it is the biggest square in Europe. It’s spacious and it is great to ride a bike or roller skate here. In winter, there is a huge New Year tree and you can even skate here. The Opera and Ballet House is also situated in the square, so you can visit two beautiful places at the same time.

Samara Space Museum

One of the youngest museums in the city opened in 2007. It immediately became one of the symbols of Samara. Here you can see a real Soyuz launch vehicle organically integrated into the facade of the museum building. This architectural project has become one of the most original and interesting in Samara.


Country park

The country park opened in the summer of 1932. Then it looked like an alley with green spaces, benches, flower beds and sculptures. In 2010, the park was reconstructed, expanded, playgrounds were built, lanterns were installed, and paving slabs were laid out. But it still looks like a Soviet-era park, even the old rides have been preserved, brightly colored, but not in working condition. The country park overlooks the river bank with a beach equipped for recreation.

Samara Art Museum

The Samara Art Museum was established in 1897 as a separate collection at the Public Samara Museum. The founder of the art museum is a local merchant and artist Konstantin Golovkin. The first collection featured classical paintings and works in the avant-garde style. In 1937 the department was transformed into an independent museum.


Zhiguli Brewery

The history of the Zhiguli brewery began at the end of the 19th century, when the Austrian Alfred von Vakano leased land for the construction of an enterprise. A year later, the first batch of intoxicating drink was sent for sale. Maintenance of the plant turned out to be expensive, although only two varieties of Vienna beer were produced – table and draft.