Before pursuing MBBS in Russia, students should be familiar with the following points.

Aside from the fact that Russia is the world’s largest country in terms of land area, it is also well-known among international medical students, particularly among Indian students. International medical students will come to Russia in the future. The popularity of MBBS in Russia is due to the fact that the Russian Federal Government spends the majority of its funds on education and owns the majority of medical universities.

Studying MBBS in a foreign country has a reputation for being expensive in terms of both education and living expenses, but the reality is that there are many nations where medical university tuition costs are lower than those charged to Indian medical students, including Russia. MBBS in Russia is the best option for Indian students because Russian colleges offer world-class teachers and high-quality education at a lesser cost than Indian universities. Which students wouldn’t want to take advantage of this opportunity? Russia has risen to the eighth position as the most popular study abroad destination for students. The best Russian medical universities have been accepted and certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Councils of numerous nations, and the National Medical Council of India (NMC).

Qualities of Russia’s Top Medical Universities

  • Russia has 30 medical universities on the list of top medical universities in the world.
  • One of the reasons for attracting international students is that the Russian Federal Government has subsidised tuition fees up to 70%.
  • The faculty of Russia’s top medical universities is world-class, experienced, and competent.
  • Some Russian universities offer NExT screening tutoring so that Indian students can pass the NExT in one sitting.
  • The Russian Federal Government places a premium on education quality, ensuring that students receive the greatest possible education.
  • The WHO, UNESCO, the Medical Councils of various nations, and the National Medical Council of India have all given their approval to universities (NMC).
  • The excellent teaching methods and well-equipped laboratories at Russian medical universities are well-known.
  • The students have access to Indian Mess facilities.
  • Top medical universities have such a simple admissions process that students do not have to take any entrance examinations.
  • Top Medical Universities of Russia does not charge any donation fee from the students.
  • The teachers communicate in English.
  • They offer over 100 courses from which to choose and specialise. Students have the option of taking any course they like.
  • Universities’ housing facilities are completely safe for students, and they are well-equipped with advanced armed forces.
  • Graduates of Russian medical schools are now employed in some of the world’s most prestigious hospitals.

Top Russian Medical Universities

In Russia, there are 57 medical universities, but only 12 of them offer English-medium study. We compiled a list of universities that are ideal for Indian students from those 12 medical schools.

  1. Samara State Medical University (A+)
  2. Ural State Medical University (A)
  3. Bashkir State Medical University (BBB+)
  4. Omsk State Medical University (BBB+)
  5. Altai State Medical University (B)

The above-mentioned universities have been chosen by keeping in the mind about the following points:

  1. On the list of top 100 Medical Universities of Russia
  2. MCI Approved
  3. WHO Approved
  4. Indian Mess facilities available
  5. Preferred language is English for the medium of teaching
  6. Top grade Universities

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria of medical universities of Russia for Indian Students.

  1. NEET qualification Compulsory
  2. Aggregate 50% marks in 12th standard (physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  3. 40% aggregate marks in 12th for reserved category
  4. 17 years is the minimum age
  5. 25 years is the maximum age

Required Documents


  1. Passport size photos
  2. Valid passport
  3. 10th and 12th mark sheet
  4. Fee receipt
  5. Student VISA
  6. Copy of citizenship certificate


  1. Marksheet of 10th and 12th class
  2. Scanned copy of NEET qualification mark sheet
  3. Invitation Letter from the university
  4. Bank statement of guardian or parents
  5. Invitation letter from The University
  6. Negative report of COVID19 and HIV

MBBS Validity in Russia

The World Health Organization (WHO), national Medical Councils of many nations, and the National Medical Council of India all recognise and appreciate degrees received from top Russian medical universities (NMC). After passing the NExT screening test or the Foreign Medical Graduated Exams, graduates can continue their medical careers in India (NExT). Currently, over 10,000 of their graduates are working in world-class hospitals in countries all over the world, including India.