Samara State Medical University is a modern university with a century-old history. We train personnel for practical healthcare, develop science and develop advanced technologies.

Today, Samara State Medical University is one of the largest and most authoritative universities in Russia and one of the best medical universities in our country.

Samara State Medical University — “we create the medicine of the future”

High Rank

At our university, future specialists receive high-quality education – six educational programs of the Samara State Medical University are recognized as the “Best educational programs of innovative Russia” , and this status is confirmed annually. The programs “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics” are included in the European Register of Accredited Higher Education Programs DEQAR .

Samara State Medical University has 8 educational institutes and 80 departments , where teachers with high honorary titles and scientific degrees work. Training takes place on modern equipment, much of which was developed in the university’s own research and production technopark .

The university includes its own multidisciplinary clinics with almost 1000 beds, where students gain practical experience “at the bedside”.

At Samara State Medical University, you can not only study, but also engage in science – in the structure of the university there are 8 own research institutes , where research is carried out in the most relevant and modern areas.

Samara State Medical University is a prestigious university that is included in Russian and world rankings of the best universities. In 2021, the university has strengthened its position in The University Impact Rankings according to the Times Higher Education magazine.

About 7,000 students, residents and graduate students study at the university every year, and more than 10,000 specialists improve their skills.

University Mission

The strategic goal of the university is national leadership in the
digitalization of healthcare. This is a global trend in medicine that allows
you to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care to the
population and at the same time increase the productivity of processes
in medical institutions.


Training of highly competitive medical and pharmaceutical personnel


Development and implementation of innovative technologies, products and services in the high-tech sector of the digital economy “IT-medicine”


Creation of advanced medical knowledge


Providing a full range of medical care to increase the duration and quality of life of the country’s population


The university has everything to become a competitive specialist: a logical organization of the educational process, highly qualified teachers and an excellent material and technical base.

Science and innovation

Samara State Medical University conducts fundamental and applied research that is in line with global trends and priority areas for the development of medical science.


Clinics of Samara State Medical University provide primary health care, specialized and high-tech medical care to residents of the Samara region and other regions of the country, citizens of foreign countries.

Sports and creativity

Samara State Medical University has its own sports and gym, two outdoor sports grounds. There are 10 sports sections at the Department of Physical Education.

Values ​​of Samara State Medical University


Creation of favorable conditions for the full-fledged creative and professional self-realization of youth at the university


Training of competitive specialists for the field of digital health, able not only to work in an innovative economy, but also to solve advanced scientific and technical tasks for the health of the people and the development of human capabilities


Conducting fundamental and applied research in accordance with global trends and priority areas for the development of medical science


Ensuring the availability and high quality of primary health care, specialized and high-tech medical care for the population of the Samara region, other regions and countries

Age-old legacy

Samara State Medical University was organized in 1919, when a medical
faculty was opened at Samara State University.

History of Samara State Medical University

Symbolism and anthem

The emblem of the Samara State Medical University is a symbolic reflection of the glorious path that the university has been following for more than 100 years.


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